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Cinnamon Brioche Bread. Perfect for French Toast! ***Order for Next Day***

Cheese Buns / Onion Buns. Pkg of 6

Dinner Rolls which are so soft. We make White, Whole Wheat & Brioche Pkg of 12

Bacon Cheese Bread. ***Order for NEXT DAY***

Cheese Bread

SOUDOUGH...OUR BEST SELLER!!!! Sandwich sliced available DAILY OR ORDER a Round(s) for next day.

Hot Cross Buns Pkg of 4. **Typically we make them in the Spring BUT if you love them...special order anytime!

Pumpernickel Rounds ***Order for Next Day***

White & Brown Sandwich Loaves

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

**Pre-order for next day** Crusty Italian Loaves


Cranberry Sourdough ***Order for NEXT DAY***

Crusty Kaisers. Pkg of 6

Hotdog / Hamburger Buns. Pkg of 6

Keto Loaves ***Order for NEXT DAY ***(Minimum 2 Loaves)

Keto Hamburger & Hotdog Buns (Pkg of 6) ***Order for NEXT DAY*** (Minimum 2 Packages)

***We sell FRESH YEAST

Ask Us about large orders of Bread or Buns for your next special event. We can have them made FRESH

out-of-the-oven for pick up.

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